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  1. We are a community of designers and developers pushing more open design processes and improving the user experience and interface design of open source software.
    Schlagwörter: , , von Felix Constantin Kraft (2017-11-17)
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  5. ELKI is an open source (AGPLv3) data mining software written in Java. The focus of ELKI is research in algorithms, with an emphasis on unsupervised methods in cluster analysis and outlier detection. In order to achieve high performance and scalability, ELKI offers many data index structures such as the R*-tree that can provide major performance gains. ELKI is designed to be easy to extend for researchers and students in this domain, and welcomes contributions in particular of new methods. ELKI aims at providing a large collection of highly parameterizable algorithms, in order to allow easy and fair evaluation and benchmarking of algorithms
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  6. What’s Vagrant? A cross-platform tool that lets you specify Virtual Machines (as a Vagrantfile) to deploy to a hypervisor (like VirtualBox on your laptop or vSphere or Hyper-V at work). What’s Docker? A Linux-only tool that lets you specify Linux Containers (as a Dockerfile) to deploy to any host running Docker.
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  7. Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers. 2 » The Linux kernel provides cgroups for resource isolation (CPU, memory, block I/O, network, etc.) that do not require starting any virtual machines. The kernel also provides namespaces to completely isolate an application's view of the operating environment, including process trees, network, user ids and mounted file systems. LXC (LinuX Containers) combines cgroups and namespace support to provide an isolated environment for applications; Docker is built on top of LXC, enabling image management and deployment services.
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  9. Protégé is a free, open-source platform that provides a growing user community with a suite of tools to construct domain models and knowledge-based applications with ontologies.
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  10. Are you tired of all those closed mobile platforms? Do you want to truly own a device that has the ability to do whatever you want, just like your PC?
    The Neo900 project aims to provide a Fremantle (Maemo™ 5) compatible successor to the N900, with a faster CPU, more RAM and an LTE modem. This is all based on a free, mature and stable platform - the GTA04.
    We'll provide complete, ready-to-use devices, as well as motherboard replacements for your current devices.
    Most importantly, the Neo900 is an open platform, carrying on in the tradition of the Openmoko project. Neo900 will support all operating systems available for GTA04 (QtMoko, SHR, Debian, Replicant, ...) and should serve as a great platform for porting systems like Maemo, Ubuntu or Firefox OS - or even for writing your own one! We bring the hardware, you choose your OS.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von Felix Constantin Kraft (2014-05-22)
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