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  1. This website is a repository of all manual pages available in the Arch Linux packages. It is an unofficial project created and maintained by the ArchWiki administrators.

    On this website, you can find:

    Listings of all man pages sorted alphabetically, by section or by language.
    Listings of English man pages sorted alphabetically or by section (or similarly for any other language).
    Listings of man pages in a particular section, e.g. all pages in section 1 or English pages in section 3.
    Listings of man pages for a particular package, e.g. coreutils or core/acl.
    And, of course, the content of each man page. There are 58036 man pages and 4980 symbolic links from 2864 packages, another 6815 packages don't contain any indexable man pages.
    The man pages are addressable as /man/<repo>/<pkgname>/<page>.<section>.<language>.<format>. Any part except <page> is optional: <repo> and <pkgname> can be used to disambiguate the page version found in multiple packages; if <section> is missing, you will be redirected to the first section found; the default language is en and the default format is html (other supported formats are txt and raw). Note that en is also the fallback language for pages, which are not available in any other language.
    Symbolic links, such as bunzip2(1), are implemented as HTTP redirects with the 302 status code. Symbolic links are included in per-package listings, such as core/openssl.
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  2. Recordings is a small independent label from Germany founded in 2017 by André Höche. We’re releasing all kind of electronic music with a strong focus of innovation and eagerness to experiment. The idea is to create unique sounds without any borders and see music as art, not as a business model. At the moment we’re only offering digital distribution but plan to release also CDs and Vinyl depending on our success. Our tracks are free to listen (stream) and pay to download which is fair to the consumer and also the artists. Listen as much as you want and support the artist by paying for the download. All our tracks are GEMA-free which means you don’t have to pay if you play our tracks live (but please consider the so called GEMA Vermutung in Germany). In the future we’re plan to work together with the C3S as soon as it is ready.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von Felix Constantin Kraft (2017-10-13)
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  3. You should use The NLP Dictionary to clarify or revise concepts that you have already met. The NLP Dictionary is not a suitable way to begin to learn about NLP. Further information on NLP can be found in the class web page lecture notes section. Other places to find out about artificial intelligence include the AAAI (American Association for Artificial Intelligence) AI Reference Shelf
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  4. Just over a year ago, I was invited to participate in an exciting Alpha, for BitTorrent Sync. I wrote up my experience and, with one reservation, found it to be a fantastic tool that did pretty much everything I needed, including letting me finally get rid of Dropbox. That one reservation, although not entirely clear at the time, was clarified soon after and was crushingly disappointing: the programme was closed source.
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